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SMS Overview

Some of the world’s most respected Brands have integrated mobile into their marketing channels delivering impressive ROI. Brands can invest in mobile ads, mobile applications, mobile sites and SMS (Short Message Service) or text messaging campaigns.

There are more mobile devices now than there are TVs and computers combined. The question is not if a Brand will conduct a mobile campaign, but when and how.

“Your customers are mobile; shouldn’t your advertising be?”

Text messaging continues to be the most widely used global application with 2.4 billion active users, or 74% of all mobile phone subscribers, sending & receiving text messages on their phones. Generally speaking, text messages have a 96% open rate within 4 minutes of being received.

Mobile phones are a very personal part of our lives. In order to conduct a mobile text messaging program in Canada, we must:

•obtain permission with an obvious opt-in procedure.
•offer opt-out info with every message or remind customers they are subscribers.
•not send unsolicited messages. It breaks the law and creates a negative impression prompting subscribers to file official complaints.

In Canada, to initiate a mobile marketing campaign a business is required to use their own or a shared Common Short Code (CSC). A CSC is a five or six digit number assigned to a business for their use that must be approved by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) and all registered Canadian mobile carriers. SMSnet’s approved Common Short Code is 767638.

Subscribing to Text Messaging

There are two common practices to initiate a text messaging subscription. The first is to have a mobile phone subscriber send a text message “keyword” to opt-in to receive information, promotions, alerts and branded content on their mobile device. For example: text the word “demo” to 767638. In seconds, you will have a response from SMSnet, regardless of your carrier.

SMSnet can create and manage any number of keywords for your business, sales promotion, special event or ongoing communications. There is no charge to receive this text message if you have a text messaging option on your cell phone plan. A good example of a keyword to use might be the “name of your business”, or the name of your primary product or service.

This process is as simple as placing a few posters and a countertop sign in your store explaining that visitors can text your “keyword” to 767638 to subscribe to a text message alert service that notifies them of time sensitive inventory sales and special offers. It could be chair time in a beauty salon, a table in a restaurant, a seat at an event or a tee time at your favourite golf course.

Another subscription method is to have members subscribe online, especially if you already have an existing relationship. You direct customers or members to a subscription page where you explain what you are offering and why, and how that customer will benefit.

SMSnet builds your personalized subscription page informing your visitors “why” they should register. We ask for a first name and cell phone number in order to send a personalized text message to interested customers and prospects who subscribe to the service.

Text message alerts do not have to be used to sell-off or discount your products or services. You can use it to keep customers updated on important dates, special events, new product introductions, new product availability, sold out status, or any other type of information that would be relevant to your customers.

It is important to note that your subscribers are only your subscribers. Our easy to use text messaging platform is accessed only by you and all cell phone numbers are strictly confidential. They cannot be sold or shared by law protecting your clients from spam and unsolicited texts. And in case you’re wondering, our texting service is as easy to use as email, maybe easier.

Text Messaging could be used by:

A Golf Course to notify golfers when prime tee times are available. ( Subscribers may receive one to two hours notice and these tee times are released on a first response basis.) Notify golfers that the course is dry and ready for play, that there is a tournament and is closed until 2pm, to provide Tournament Leader Board updates, or that their restaurant is having a foursome’s special.

Retailers and restaurants can use text messaging to have customers and patrons subscribe to receive promotional offers by cell phone. The benefits to this are that it’s inexpensive, there is little hard costs for graphics or print and you can create an offer at the last minute, any day of the week, any time of day. Because your offer is digital, it can be easily shared by friends who are not “regulars” and that also means your promotions are greener as nothing new needs to be printed.

Charities and Special Events can use text messaging to communicate with visitors during special events like a run/walkathon. When you have a mass of people attending an event, it can sometimes be challenging to get information to everyone when you want to deliver it or when they need to receive it. Text messaging may provide a way to get timely information into the cell phone of attendees and supporters before, during and after the event. Before: to remind participants of timing, location, things to bring; during: to get participants moving at the right time, in the right direction, where to go, what do to when they’re done; and after the event with thank you’s or to drive supporters to a website for ongoing dialogue and donor development.

Realtors and Service Providers can use text messaging to communicate with visitors at trade shows, home shows and conferences. When you give a show visitor or someone a business card or flyer, the decision to call you is theirs. But when you include your keyword and short code on all your advertising and marketing materials, it becomes a part of your brand. When you entice prospects to text you for a free report, free information, a future discount and for you to follow up, you have their cell phone number to call or text. (providing that is noted on your information.)

SMSnet Services

We ask our clients to install a text alert icon on their website home page. When a visitor clicks on the icon, they are passed through to our site to answer their questions, or to your personalized registration page where we offer additional information and ask for their first name and a cell phone number.

Visitors who complete the short form receive a text message asking for confirmation of their subscription on the cell phone device number they provided. Once they confirm on their mobile device, they have concluded the double opt-in process required by the CWTA.

Subscribers are required by CWTA regulations to receive a reminder notice once per month that they have subscribed to your text alert service. If message length permits, this reminder can be a part of a text alert, otherwise, it can be a stand-alone message subject to a text message sending fee.

SMSnet manages all opt-in, unsubscribe and other functions required by CWTA.

Pricing Packages

Text messaging has a cost, but as an advertising and communication vehicle, we estimate that many businesses can recoup their entire investment from one sale, event or quickly by building an ongoing relationship with customers during your season or year.

SMSnet is making text messaging easier and more operationally useful for the many businesses. All the services mentioned below are standard “pay for services” offered to large clients by Mobile Agencies. SMSnet specializes in small business and sports associations and have waived and/or amalgamated many of the common fees to make text messaging more accessible for your business.


•SMSnet Common Short Code usage fee of $1000.00 per calendar month or part thereof.
•Hosting and Maintenance Fee: Hosting Fee of $1000.00 per SMSnet short code per month.
•Keyword set-up and rental fee: $50.00 set-up and $50.00 per month.


•All Mobile Originated messages are received at no charge.
•Set-up, Administration and Account Management packages starts at just five hundred dollars for a small business and includes one keyword.
•Text messages sent are 5 cents each.
•Creation of your personalized subscription page, if required: $200.
•Additional keyword rental and usage is $50.00 each per month.

Where required, mandatory monthly subscription reminder text messages will be charged at 5 cents each. All fees are in Canadian dollars, HST is extra.

Please note that subscribers must agree to receive text messaging in some online document or originate the opt-in request from their mobile handset. We would need to review enticement documents for compliance purposes. First message would be an opt-in confirmation message and once confirmed, we can text message that cell phone number.

Please be advised that most United States based text messaging systems, both free or prepaid APIs and systems do not work in Canada and that most calls are blocked by Canadian wireless carriers.

SportSMS and Text Message Merchant Advertising
LOCAL BUSINESS AND RESTAURANTS It is difficult and expensive for a small business to advertise to parents with schools aged children or to high schools students. Even a black and white flyer may cost $500 to create and distribute to 1000 homes and with a penetration rate of 1%, only 10 customers will walk through your door. Results like those are hard to justify.


Even when the economy is great, business has to advertise and be very resourceful to stay ahead of the competition. You want more customers, but traditional advertising doesn’t pull the numbers in any more. Telemarketing isn’t an option, social media and Adwords work for a few, but budgets are slashed. What do you do?

SMSnet offers access to community sports organizations’ members who have agreed to receive a text message in support of their organization. While the cost is competitive with community advertising initiatives, the conversion rate of text messaging is several time higher any other media. Now imagine having your SMS offer arrive onto the cell phone of your prospective customers. The right message delivered into the right hands, at the right time and in a cost effective manner.


If you or your children have played community sports, you have probably personally sold or purchased a fundraising product for your Team. With SMSnet, there is no more selling.

When an Association has their membership subscribe to SMSnet, they have agreed to receive a text message that is relevant to them or their children in support of their Association. It could be to dine and save at your restaurant, or shop for a special at your physical or online store.

Parents and Players know that every message they receive helps to support their association and understand that messages will contain a special offer for them.

Messages can be hyper-targeted to include the specific demographics your marketing or sales department is searching for. Please click here for a media kit.


Most High School students have their mobile phone on and with them 24 hours a day. They use their mobile phone extensively for texting and about 98% of high school cell phone users have unlimited text packages.

Using SMS Net, you can now message these students and entice them to shop at your store, eat at your restaurant or visit you online.

Messages are sent before school starts or after dismissal, are age appropriate, and must include special offers that are of interest to these local students. Students receive their message and decide to take advantage of the text offering: it could be a buy one, get one free offer, a free meal upsize, or a special promotion at a retail store for later that evening or on the weekend.

This ROI Chart shows the potential new revenue from just one text message sent to 500 students at your local high school. Text messaging traditionally enjoys a minimum 15% to 30% conversion rate.

We like to say it this way:  know b4 u go™