InfoSMS is our ad free, prepaid text messaging service available on per Player-per month basis. Whatever your sport, our prepaid service runs in conjunction with your season. Perfect for sports facilities that need to provide time sensitive information too.

Phone trees don’t always work, emails don’t always get checked and many people can’t keep checking a website for details. We use text messaging technology to place the right information in the right people’s hands in seconds.

InfoSMS enables your association to send important text messages to the cell phones of parents and/or Players of one or more teams, divisions or your entire association and have that text message arrive within moments of being sent. Plus with our prepaid service, there are no text ads or sponsorship messages for your membership to receive.

Any parent and any high school aged mPlayer with a cell phone can subscribe and receive mobile text alerts as required by the Association. Text messages cost nothing for participants to receive and only those parents and Players who want to participate sign-up. (Anyone with a cell phone text message package can receive unlimited text messages free.)

InfoSMS is hosted on our secure site and is accessed by your tournament volunteers by computer or smart phone. Using TeamFinder™, our own proprietary database search engine, you can run a query for any or all teams, write a quick text message and click send.

Service includes two text messages per subscriber per month and will cost about $1.00 per season per Player. Use it to announce rain-outs and cancellations, special events, or remind members about try-outs or tournaments. If you have to cancel every game tonight, you may only need to text about 25% of your association. Whatever text messages you don’t use are rolled over to next month and extra messages are only a click away.

InfoSMS is the fastest, most convenient way to notify members of important information.

There is one more consideration. . . . the environmental impact. Stopping a few hundred moms and dads from showing up to a cancelled game means less driving for no reason and less fuel being consumed. If we can do that for hundreds of organizations just like yours, the combined carbon footprint savings is huge! A few hundred is a start, a few thousand is easy, tens of thousands is a movement. It is the right thing to do.

Indoor sport facility operators can use InfoSMS to remind teams or leagues of regular or changed games schedules, delays, cancellations, tournaments, etc. Use the service just for alerts and include the cost in your registration fee, or offer local sponsors and advertisers the opportunity to sponsor text messages adding additional value for your members.

Never show up for a cancelled game or practice again!

We like to say it this way:  know b4 u go™