How we do it

In the last decade, more and more of us have been going online to get our news, music, information and entertainment. This means we are paying less attention to newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, making it more challenging for merchants to get our attention through advertising. We have also become quite good at search, so we find what we want and ignore everything else, like banner ads, sponsored links and email spam. What is your team sponsor or a local merchant to do?

The solution is texting.

Because local and national merchants would love to get your attention, they will gladly offer you a discount if you shop at their store, eat at their restaurant or visit them online. But to make this work economically, they would need to have their offer in the hands of at least hundreds, if not thousands of consumers.

SMSnet works with larger sizes organizations like a community sports leagues or high schools, groups with 1000 members or more to help save you money. Once your group is registered, we contact local, regional and online merchants as well as local restaurants to look for great deals for you. We then send you a text message containing the promotional offer information.

To take advantage of the special, just show up and show the text message when ordering or paying, or enter the special code contained in the text message for online ordering. And remember, you group earns a few pennies for every message you receive, even if you decide not to take advantage of the offer or don’t use the discount.

Did you know:

By the end of 2009, the number of North American mobile subscribers had grown to almost 330 million, reaching nearly 90% of all Canadian and U.S. households.

In Canada, 87 million text messages are sent by Canadians every day... that is 2.7 billion messages per month!

We like to say it this way:  know b4 u go™